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    With beautiful rivers and snow-capped mountains, the Portland area is a jewel that all of us enjoy. When you come in from mountain gazing, you want to enjoy your indoor spaces just as much. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning has been leading the way, keeping our Portland metro community safe and comfortable indoors for almost 70 years. Jacobs brings heating and cooling solutions to both our residential and commercial customers in the Portland metro area, offering quality installation and the best products from leading brands so you - our neighbors - thrive.

    From frosty winter nights to arid summer days, Portland area residents need an HVAC company that can provide unwavering comfort. That is why we are here. After nearly 70 years in the industry, we didn't get here by accident. We got here by providing the highest quality service. Homeowners and businesses across the Portland and Vancouver area know they can rely on Jacobs for all their heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. We are committed to being the best and we make sure every member of our team has the tools and training they need to be just that.

    A reliable HVAC system often seems like a given. Then suddenly you're shivering under five quilts wondering what went wrong. Most of the time heating and cooling systems run like clockwork, keeping us comfortable through thick and thin. But they need a little help to do their best work. Regular maintenance from Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning helps prevent emergencies and keeps your system in good working order. No matter which of our maintenance plans you choose, you always get the highest standard of service without stress or hassle.

    If you have ever walked into a warm, toasty building on a rainy Portland day, you know how much of a difference a great HVAC system can make. Temperature is a big part of the first impression your business makes on customers and employees. Jacobs can help you make sure that impression is a good one. Our customized commercial heating and cooling services make it simple to choose and maintain the perfect system for your space. It is easy to see why customer-facing spaces need to be inviting. But a good HVAC system is crucial for industrial and office buildings too.

    Before chilly autumn nights set in, you need to make an appointment for your annual furnace maintenance. Neglect is the number one reason furnaces wear out. Just like servicing your car, furnaces need regular TLC to work. Whether you need regular maintenance or repair, Jacobs' technicians can help keep your furnace in tip-top shape. Cycling between the "On" and "Off" mode can indicate a clogged filter or a wrong thermostat setting. Both are easy to troubleshoot. Check your thermostat settings and make sure your filter is clean.

    Gas and steam boilers are made to provide balanced heat in your home throughout the winter. If you have an older boiler system or recently bought a home with a boiler system it may be difficult to know what exactly to do with it. Boilers are made to produce radiant heat through a hot water system. The hot water warms an object, such as a radiator or a baseboard in the room and then returns the cooled water back to the boiler to be reheated. A gas or steam boiler are a bit more complex than a forced air furnace which means repairs should be left to a pro.

    Tossing and turning in a stuffy bedroom is no one's idea of a relaxing night. Sleep, comfort, and productivity suffer when your climate control system isn't up to scratch. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning has been repairing and maintaining HVAC systems since 1952. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to work on all major brands. They specialize in finding solutions to complicated central heating and cooling problems. We'll get your system back to full health fast. If your air conditioner is not delivering cold air like it should, a quick AC repair from Jacobs may be all you need.

    When the rain is pattering on the roof and all your windows are closed tight, you want your home to stay cozy and fresh — not stuffy. If you are starting to notice dusty vent covers, musty smells, or worsening allergies symptoms, dirty ducts could be the culprit. Regular air duct cleaning can help keep your HVAC system in top shape so it provides you with clean, comfortable air all day and night. Air duct cleaning can remove mold, allergens, dust buildup, and other pollutants from your HVAC system.